How To Get Rid Of Cradle Cap Fast


getting rid of cradle cap People often see their babies getting affected by a body area getting covered by scaly, greasy and crusty spots and end up hyperventilating. However, there is no such need to get worried about it: it is a minimal infectious skin disease that is common among babies of two to three months of age. And only in some cases which are rare enough, the disease can vanish all by itself without any use of medical treatment at all. This is a highly harmless skin condition and hence there have been not enough tests or cases of this disease. Let us encounter some of the common questions about cradle cap:

    • What is Cradle Cap:

      Cradle Cap is known in the medical terms as seborrheic dermatitis. It is an illness which in its nature is temporary and non-harmful. It is not exactly itchy, and hence does not disturb baby so very much.

  • Symptoms of the disease:

    The various symptoms of a Cradle Cap disease include scaly, patchy, greasy, yellowish and crusty skin patches. The scalp of the recently affected baby shows the rashes and the most prominent spots include ear, eyebrows and the eyelids. It happens normally after the first three months wherein the baby is born. If by any chance the same condition appears in some other place than any of the ones aforementioned, then it is called by its medical name rather than the common name: Cradle Cap.

  • Causes for Disease:

    It is not sure what causes the cradle cap to show up in babies. It is not really due to hygiene, infection or any allergy: it is majorly caused due to the activity of the overactive sebaceous glands in the babies. It is the mother’s hormones that are present in the baby circulation and these are responsible for the over activity of the sebaceous glands. It is the skin yeasts which are solely responsible for the disease to turn up. Some of the practitioners also hold the opinion that the disease is caused more due to immature digestive system of the baby which cannot hold the biotin and related vitamins of B complex within the body properly.

  • How to get rid of Cradle Cap:

    There is no absolute way to remove cradle cap from a baby’s body. Since there is no reason known to people as such, thus there is no particular way to entirely counter the disease. Dermatologists have their way of advising people to fight the cradle cap: application of vegetable or mineral oil then letting the scalp soak in it for a night or so. The scales will turn out to be a little soft and they can be easily washed away by the help of a toothbrush or a comb.
    Petroleum jelly is also a well known treatment advised to the people by dermatologists for a night long. Some of them recommend the usage of a mild baby shampoo, while everyone does not: yet we have people that use ketoconazole shampoos and creams are the ones preferred most by someone in treatment of minor cradle cap.


Cradle CapSo, as we have seen enough that the cradle cap is not infectious to the baby’s skin. However it is the parents and the guardians that keep on worrying and worrying about the young one’s skin. Thus, there must be one or the other way to manage it so that the condition does not turns ugly when being treated. Matter of fact, there are a lot of ways that can be used to manage these cradle cap conditions. Some of them are mentioned here:

    • Paste of Herbs:

      Only after being completely assured of the herbs and their medicinal reaction must their paste be applied on the body and the affected area. It has to be made sure at the earliest that in no way will the body of the young one be allergic to the applied paste.

    • Oils:

      The use of the oils can be a good way to get rid of the cradle cap. All that is to be done here is apply the oil on the parts where the skin is affected. It might be a vegetable oil, chemical or a vegetable oil but still it has to be applied for a sufficient amount of time, such as for a few hours and then the scales removed.

  • Commercial Lotions:

    Not extensive research has been done to remove cradle cap from the body but one can think of the following: some pharmacy companies came out with an idea to help the baby’s skin get rid of the cradle cap, and hence the presence of commercial lotions in managing the disease and then managing the skin condition under control.

  • Shampoo:

    Most of the people really find themselves not pretty comfortable at the idea of the usage of commercial lotions to help the condition of the baby’s skin. For those very people, it is incredibly useful to apply shampoos on the skin. Mild baby shampoos should be diluted enough with water content and then provide the application.

BabyLike the ones aforementioned, there are several other remedies also helpful in getting rid of the condition of cradle cap; but there is really no need to undergo any rigorous treatment for the disease. It is not an alarming disease and it can be easily handled with the presence of the remedies that have been mentioned. Matter of fact, even with minimum number of treatments acquired, people can see the disease vanish from their baby’s skin. It generally is vanished from the skins of babies within two to three months itself, and hence people should not even take any undue tension for it. But it is the people who usually turn up being hysterical and hence the treatment of the disease is being mentioned here in detail. Without taking any rigorous steps, one can use the alternative medicines as well if he is not sure with the commercial lotions.